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One day, while visiting the Charlotte Motor Speedway, I made the mistake of visiting with Jeanne Barnes at her art gallery. There, she was displaying some of the most impressive racing artwork I'd ever seen.

I ended up staring at two of her pieces that really caught my eyes. The first, was a pencil sketch of Mark Martin, Steve Hmiel, and Jack Roush with the Valvoline car. The second was the full color finished artwork of the same piece, except the Jack Roush and Steve Hmiel had been eliminated from the picture.

While most of my collection consists of pieces that are limited to 500 or 600 pieces, this was a one-of-a-kind.

I ended up purchasing the finished version. A friend of mine enjoyed it so much, that he bought the sketch. I'm glad he did, because now I can go and visit it any time I want.

Jeanne Barnes recently sent an e-mail to me saying that she could remember me fretting over the decision to by or not to buy. I'm glad I did.

I felt very honored when the piece showed up inside the back cover of the May, 1996 issue of Beckett’s Racing Monthly.