View artwork of NASCAR© artists Jeanne Barnes, Sam Bass, and Garry Hill, and others.


When my son Michael was born in December of 1991, I mentioned to my wife that Iíd like to collect something that he could have when he grew up. You know, a lot of Dads wish they had kept their baseball cards for their kids. Well, I donít care much for baseball, so I told my wife that if I was going to collect anything, it would be NASCAR© racing memorabilia.

It all started with the Matchbox Alan Kulwicki hauler. From there, it mushroomed into a collection of cars, trucks, and cards that filled an entire room. But then I got turned off by the direction the hobby was going. I mean, tell me, what is a limited edition? Iíve seen some call a series of 25,000 pieces limited.

Now, eight years later, the NASCAR© collectibles scene is out of control.  You have collector card sets with umpteen subsets, countless die-cast cars, etc.  My collecting has been on hold for many years now, but the artwork items that I've collected are very limited editions of 500 or fewer.  Now that's a limited edition collectible!

I had to give up my "racing room" when Alex was born in 1997.  I had hoped to get it back when Alex moved into Michael's bedroom, then along came Nicole in 1999.  So much for my racing room!

Anyway, this site is set up to take a tour through the art gallery with pictures and descriptions.


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