Picture Gallery - Dixieland Jazz Bands

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Al Weber, Don Franz, Bill Mason, Trebor Tichenor

St. Louis Ragtimers

(L to R) Don Sharp, Alan Frederickson, Bob Schultz

With Alan Frederickson as a guest with the Riverboat Ramblers - Milwaukee

(l-r) Alan Frederickson, Terry Waldo, Don Franz, Jean Kittrell, Wally Rose, Trevor Tichenor

Photo taken on the Goldenrod Showboat, St. Louis

Marvin (Smokey) Montgomery

See Audiophile AP-84

Alan Frederickson

(L to R) Brent Dickson, Steve Ley, Tom Bartlett, Darrel Guimond, Lynn Oberholtzer, Larry Wilkins, Bob Ford

The Salty Dogs of Purdue University

Don Franz

(L to R) Hary Blons(?), Doc Evans, and Alan Frederickson

This series of pictures were likely taken during the recording session for "Doc Evans at the Gaslight"

(L to R) Harry Blons (possibly), Bill Price, Al Frederickson, and ?

(L to R) Harry Blons (possibly), Bill Price, Al Frederickson, and ?

Alan Frederickson

Alan Frederickson

Doc Evans

Doc Evans Band w/Alan Frederickson

Hal Runyon - Doc Evans Band, Minneapolis

Alan Frederickson with Doc Evans

Jim Cullum Jr. and Sr. - San Antonio

Olympia Brass Band in New Orleans


The Olympia Brass Band in New Orleans

Alan Frederickson

(l-r) Paul Hayward, John Teachout, Tom Shea (at piano), Paul Klinger (in front), Don Dygert, Walt Gower

Mother's Boys



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