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A little background about this web site...

My name is Paul and I am one of Ewing Nunn's eight grandkids.  My mom is one of Ewing's three children.  I was very fortunate to have grown up in Milwaukee area, fairly close to Ewing's house in Mequon.  My dad and I helped out with the shipping end of Audiophile Records and also a lot of other projects Ewing was involved in.


In the late 60's and early 70's, Ewing's hips were starting to give him trouble.  He and Frieda were among the earliest recipients of the artificial hip replacements.  During my summer vacations, I was honored to be asked to accompany them on various trips around the country so I could help with luggage, recording equipment, and camera equipment.


The first major trip was in 1968 to Alabama where Ewing owned a barricade/flasher company (similar to Northern Lights, the one he founded in Wisconsin).  We drove from Wisconsin to Alabama, dipped into the Florida panhandle, then back home.


Next was the western trip.  No recording sessions lined up, but got to visit some people he knew in St. Louis, then on to Denver where I got to meet Alan Frederickson*.  We stayed a month in western Colorado, visiting Ewing's brother David just east of Grand Junction.  David raised exotic birds and orchids.  During that trip we drove through Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, then back to Grand Junction. 


I got to meet Sid Wakefield and got the witness the record pressing process first hand.


Our final long trip came in 1970.  It was to San Antonio to record Jim Cullum Sr. and some friends.  We also recorded a flaminco (sp?) guitarist.  Next, it was on to New Orleans.  The first recording session was the Crawford-Ferguson Night Owls.  My main job during that session was to stand directly behind the clarinetist to give him an occasional bear-hug to keep him from swaying.  Ewing wanted me to keep the bell of the clarinet somewhere in the vicinity of the microphone.


The final recording session in New Orleans was the Olympia Brass Band.  What an experience!  For the first track of that album, Harold DeJahn (sp?) described in his best Cajun voice, the details of the New Orleans style funeral.


I now reside in Bakersfield, California with my wife and three kids.  I'm associated with Edison International.  We build and operate power plants around the world, but the ones I'm involved in are in the central California area.


Finally, I am gratified to find that there are people that are still interested in Ewing and Audiophile.  I'll do my best to keep adding little tidbits to the web site.  If you have any questions, I'll try to answer them. 




*Memories of meeting Alan Frederickson.  We didn't get to hear the band on that trip, but I got to meet Alan.  That day he had a large rag or towel hanging out of his back pocket.  It hung down to the floor.  When asked what it was for, he replied that he had one heck of a cold and he was tired of using up the "little" handkerchiefs!


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